Day 7 – Blog Challenge – Foodie Childhood Memory

It absolutely warms my heart to see a young child ordering tuna maki. God help me if I end up having a picky eater one day. It would turn me into a deceitful parent. Hahaha!! I can laugh about that, because my Mom told fibs to make me try new things all of the time. The best part about forcing your child to try new things is that you never know what they will learn to enjoy. I was likely 4 or 5 when I tried calamari for the first time…LOVED IT! I ate liver as a kid (I refuse to now, but that’s beside the point).

The only two things I remember hating as a kid were big pieces of zucchini and big pieces of cooked mushrooms. The slimy texture of both of these vegetables grossed me out to no end. I can only recall one occasion when I sat at a dinner table, hours (could have been minutes, but that’s how my mind works) after dinner refusing to eat the sautéed mushrooms that were on my plate. By the time I was in my teens, I was fine with mushrooms; but I didn’t have a liking for zucchini until about three years ago. Strange.

My best foodie memory – so funny! I must have been 6 or 7 – it was a lovely summer day and my Mom was shucking fresh oysters, planning to make herself a treat (baked oysters with hot sauce). Having tried them before, I wasn’t a fan of oysters, and my Mom had no intention of wasting any of her treat on my unappreciative palate. But, while she was shucking, she called me in from the yard and said, with no expectations “Try this!” I ran in, grabbed the shell, and let the raw oyster slide into my mouth – then ran outside to play again. My Mom was shocked and grossed out that I actually took it!

A few minutes later, I ran back inside and asked my Mom for another one.

She bowled over laughing, but had to sadly inform me that the rest were hot sauced and in the oven. No thanks!

To this day, I love raw oysters; and my Mom thinks I’m disgusting for it.

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