Day 15 Blog Challenge: BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH *snort*

Do you snort when you laugh too hard? So embarrassing! And I’ve had many many moments when I’ve been laughing so hard I’ve felt like my chest was going to explode and actually got a little scared but couldn’t stop laughing because it — the laughter — had taken control over all of my other bodily functions.

You know what? Honestly ,I do that a lot.

I vividly remember this one time when I was nominated to call in an order for delivery at Swiss Chalet (the shall-ette). I ordered a 1/4 chicken combo and the lady on the phone asked me “do you want the shrimp special?”. It was positively painful. I could not get control of myself and I knew the lady on the phone was starting to wonder if I was a prank caller. I could barely choke out ‘wait, please don’t hang up!’ It took her a couple minutes (patience of a saint) to realize that I was genuinely trying to calm down so I can order.

but this isn’t about the oddest time I laughed until I snorted, today’s topic is about the last time!

I also remember it vividly. We were at a very unique show late last month — the Fungineers. They are a wacky silly troupe of costumed puppeteer DJs, dancers and performers. Their ‘leader’ is named Paragon, the CyberUnicornTron and he talks in a microphone with a voice that jumps in pitch and skews from sounding like Barney to a robot in each sentence. The Fungineers do interactive songs with the audience and they are so so so fun! I remember a song called Boing! where they had us all singing the riff “BOING BOING BOING BOING!”. I was laughing for pretty much the entire show, but I remember the moment that I died laughing. They had just performed a bouncy flouncy track, then Paragon comes on the mike and says “Who wants to get SENSITIVE?! Who wants to get RO-MAN-TIC?!”

I died.

Yeah, I’m easy.



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